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  • Disciplina
    • Freestyle
  • Nivel
    • Intermedio-Bueno
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Mixto
  • Año
    • 2014


If you are a freestyler looking for a board to progress on, you have found the right board! The 2014 version BLEND is "Tough but soft in all the right ways", according to the manufacturer.
It has everything you need to bomb the park, alongside pop and durability. The Blend is also very accessible thanks to its soft flex, which will allow riders without a great deal of technical experience to enjoy it quickly. This dashboard will give you the boost you need to go to the next level.


- Rocker Camber : These rocker boards have zero camber and a light rocker on the tip & tail. Fun and easy to use reduce edge faults. A soft floatation and smooth ride whatever the terrain.

- C2 Control core : The C2 Control core provides a soft and playful feel on the snow and inspires immediate confidence.

- 2D Control Fiberglass : This glass fibre has a different weight from the 2D pop fiberglass. The board is more docile while remaining very much alive.

- Extruded Base: Fast and versatile, this extruded sole is of easy maintenance.

- Slanted Sidewalls : The slanted sidewalls are in ABS and all with serigraph.

- Full Flex : The thickness of core is constant between the bindings, allowing a stable ride and balance.

- Freestyle Shape : 90% Twin Tip. The tip radius is a bit longer than the tail. The wood core and inserts are centred, and the sidecut radius is much shorter, making these boards the perfect freestyle toy.

- Program :
Jib 7
Jumps 7
Carving 6
Powder 4

Espátula (mm) Patin (mm) Talón (mm) Radio (m) Peso (g) Unit weight
  • Disciplina
    • Polivalente
  • Nivel
    • Avanzado
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Mixto
  • Año
    • 2012


Inescapable model of the 2012 range, the CUDA V2 is a very powerful binding that combines a max of comfort and precision. The goal of its manufacturing criteria is to minimize the weight, maximize the power, the maintenance and the reaction time.
Thus it has a extruded hoop and a perforated asymmetric spoiler, new
more wrapping and more dynamic straps, with new faster and more manoeuvrable buckles and a bed-of-foot completely covered with EVA compresses for a comfort
with pen weight.
A good value for riders who demand the best in terms of maintenance, comfort and responsiveness to ride with pleasure all playgrounds offered by the mountain.


- Buckles - materials: GripLight

- Flange: HCX-33

- Spoiler : Contour Light with Heel Grip
A piece of rubber is embedded at the bottom of the EVA pad of the spoiler to prevent the heel of your boot from gliding, thus ensuring a perfect fit and an immediate reaction to each of your movements.

- Straps : 40oz

- Tilted gas pedal: The closest your boot is to the gas pedal, the more you gain in precision. We have tilted the gas pedals on some of our bindings, thereby increasing the surface area in contact with the haystack on the zone of toes and opening the way to a whole new sensation of contact with the board.

- Tilted foot bed 3°: A light tilt of 3° toward the front retains the natural alignment of the feet and legs, relieving the tension of a larger distance between the feet and increasing the pressure at the nose and tail for higher ollies and longer butters.

- Gel cushions: Bindings is never too padded. We have therefore replaced the EVA pads for gel pads under each of three areas of the foot support to maximize shock absorption, eliminate vibration and minimize fatigue.

- EVA indicators of hardness: all our MagneBeds and Triad Pads are formed of a medium pads, plus one at the front and one at the heel ; each pad is therefore designed to present a value of different hardness scale (Shore A) adapted to a specific function: • 50 A to 60 A: improves responsiveness with an average high for median / front pads • 40 A: increases shock absorption with a lower value for the heel pad. Choose the combination that best fits your style of slides and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and performance.

- EHT Extruded Heelcup Tech (arch) : 50% more reactive, 20«» lighter. Micro-adjustments ensure your freedom of movement as well as an infinite number of options of size and centring.

- Colour: The bindings have two different colours.

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