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A legendary board by Apo, the LINE has been widely accepted over the years.

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  • Disciplina
    • Polivalente
  • Nivel
    • Intermedio-Bueno
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Mixto
  • Año
    • 2014
  • Arqueo
    • Puente plano


A legendary board by Apo, the LINE has been widely accepted over the years.

Once again, Jean Linnhoff is in change of the graphic design with dramatic results.
As for ride, and to summarize it in a few words, it quickly takes charge and with a safety feeling. Result, form the first turns you can knock hard on the track. Fortunately, these qualities do not stop there since this board also has huge capacity for powdery snow. Whether carving or in powdery snow, the Line is accurate in all types of curves with special comfort at the angle. A board that will fit everybody!

NOTE: sizes 164W and 167W are WIDE, and adapted for wide feet.


- Rocker : The Rocker plates do not have camber; they have a light rocker located on the two tips. They are fun and tolerant in order to avoid to the maximum the edging faults. Flotation in softness and ease of ride whatever the conditions of land are.

- FP Pop core: Dynamism and flex for this core 100% poplar! The FP Pop Core is lightweight and responsive to allow a dynamic ride and an optimized pop.

- 3D Fiberglass : The glass-fibre on 3 axes provides a more rigid in torsion board, allowing utter edge grip with high stability.

- Sintered 2000 Base: This is the industry standard in soles trenches. It has an excellent compromise between strength/ resistance to abrasion and performance of slides. It requires regular maintenance to obtain the best possible performance.

- Slanted Sidewalls : The slanted sidewalls are in ABS and all with serigraph.

- Shape All Mountain : As good as versatility gets 50% Directional: The tip radius is a bit longer than the tail. The inserts have a slight setback, just enough for the board to have a slight directional effect, but still great all mountain versatility.


Jib 6
Jump 6
Carving 8
Powder 8

Espátula (mm) Patin (mm) Talón (mm) Radio (m) Peso (g) Unit weight