ATK RAIDER 12 91MM 2017

referencia : R12091


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referencia : R12091


Ver la descripcion completa
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  • Disciplina
    • Freerando
  • Nivel
    • Avanzado
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 2_ans
  • Tipo
    • Hombre
  • Año
    • 2017
  • Type of binding
    • Insertos
    • 20 mm, con herramienta
    • 5--->12 (esquiador de 50 a 120 Kg)

ATK RAIDER 12 91MM 2017

R12 is a must for the really lightweight free-touring addicted: essential and versatile, this binding offers lots of possibilities to those who demands the most out from their gear.

Raider 12 is a full optional binding: SKI-STOPPER integrated into the toe part (75, 86, 91, 97, 108, 120 mm), CRAMPONS HOOK  integrated into the base of the toe part, heel  adjustment plate (25 mm total) and integrated heel raiser.

All these accessories are designed for a quick and intuitive use: once the boot is inserted into the toe part, you can activate the ski-stopper  just pushing with the pole; using the pole, you can select the configuration of the heel part ( 0 °on uphill mode, climbing aid 1 and 2, downhill mode), rotating it through practical hole into the heel raiser.

RELEASE FROM 5-12. The patents ATK RACE® that are integrated into the heel of RAIDER 12, have permission tocomprise the weight and size, providing a calibrated range of the really large release(5-12), values that meet every possible user of RAIDER 12, from beginner to professional skiers.

The Rotational Heel System® ATK RACE®, already adopted on Race Toruring , has been further enhanced on RAIDER 12, bringing to heel stability under extreme skiing, for precise conduction   even on difficult snow conditions.
The cam system that manages the frontal release of the heel part.  is highly innovative and unique in terms of precision in the release phase of the boot and, at the same time  it also allows an input of the boot up to 3 times softer, thus facilitating the locking even in fresh snow.   News 2016, an ergonomic cap that covers the front lever protecting and avoid it will ruin because of frequent pressures of the pole on it.


SEMI-AUTOMATIC LOCKING SYSTEM®: A spring manages the front lever of the toe PART and favors the step of locking/unlocking

INTEGRATED CRAMPONS HOOK®:  integrated crampons hook into the base of the toe part, for extreme lightness and rigidity!

INTEGRATED FRONT-BRAKE SYSTEM®: the only ski brake for ski Touring in world always active both during uphill and downhill mode.

ROTATIONAL HEEL SYSTEM®: A system that manages the plugs engagement of the heel part which are always stable on the boot eliminating the typical oscillations of the Alpine binding and ensuring a precise and safe skiing in all conditions.

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Logo ATK

ATK RACE was born almost by chance during the hot summer of 2006 when Giovanni Indulti has recovered an old model of ski touring bindings to improve them in all aspects. Doubtlessly, the result of his 30 years of experience in problem resolution applied to mechanics, the knowledge of quality materials and the availability of innovative production systems have enabled him to start in a very unusual market. Starting with the production of cross country skiing race bindings, ATK RACE has rapidly expanded its catalogue with a range of very high level accessories, fully designed and developed within the company and produced exclusively in Italy. The innovation brought to the race world has been transferred to the "tourism" world with the launching in 2010 of the RT bindings, rather addressed to the general public while maintaining a high level of technicality. ATK RACE is a young and dynamic company that relies on the sustainable development of its own business.