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Playing the card of the originality with its two horizontal pockets on its right side, the GRID LINE is a technical jacket that provides woman with beautiful performances.

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Playing the card of the originality with its two horizontal pockets on its right side, the GRID LINE is a technical jacket that provides woman with beautiful performances.

Composed of a first outer layer Omni-Tech®, highly waterproof and breathable, to barrier to winter weather conditions, it is accompanied with a very efficient insulation. The inside of the jacket is composed of an Omni-Heat® insulation allowing the body to regulate its temperature for maximum comfort.

One thing is sure, it will keep you warm and dry all winter long, whatever the temperature or humidity are.

Trimmed against the worst climatic conditions, the Grid Line W is also endowed with many very convenient details making it very functional:

- Adjustable and detachable storm hood

- Ventilation system under the arms

- Drawstring at waist

- Adjustable anti-snow skirt with snaps

- Internal security pocket

- Zipped waterproof closures

- Pocket for goggles and media

- Pass pocket

- Thumb openings

- Comfort inside-outside adjustable wrist

- Central length at the back: 66 cm

Nothing to complain about, a safe value for women skiers who are looking for a maximum comfort, even in the coldest temperature, without forgetting a touch of style!


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- Waterproof/breathable Omni-Tech technology with all seams sealed:

The Omni-tech products offer waterproof and breathable protection that prevents the external elements to penetrate the interior, while allowing the evacuation sweating.

Wicks moisture away: The first layer of protection for the Omni-Tech technology prevents almost all the water to come into contact with the inner layers. Then, a micro porous membrane provides an impermeable layer which totally blocks the passage of water molecules in the tissue.

Keeps the moisture outside: Even if it blocks the entry of larger molecules of water, Omni-Tech allows a small amount of wet steam to go, thus removing it from the skin. Omni-Tech is waterproof and breathable guaranteed.

Extensible twill Reflex 100 % polyester

- Insulating and thermo-reflective Omni-Heat technology

This technology helps to regulate the temperature by reflecting and capturing the heat produced by the body, while evacuating the moisture and excessive heat to ensure your comfort.

It helps your body to regulate its temperature for your greater comfort.

Characteristics: The aluminized points reflect your heat / Very breathable / Reduction of excess of heat and perspiration

OMNI-HEAT LINING: Heat reflecting 100% polyester

ISOLATION OMNI-HEAT: 50% Polyester/ 50% recycled polyester OH, 80 g

- All seams are sealed

- Active cut: Adjusted cut for a greater freedom of movement.

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Columbia Sportswear fabrica equipos de outdoor de alta calidad desde mas de 70 anos. Fundada en 1938 y con sede en el gran noroeste americano, la marca sabe lo que es importante y apreciar la montana tanto como usted lo que le permite saber lo que necesita. Los equipos en los laboratorios y de campo estan constantemente probando ideas.
En Columbia, sabemos que tiene frio y mojarse no es divertido y es por eso que la marca de fabrica de alta calidad y alto rendimiento con tecnologias innovadoras que hacen que usted se sienta mas caliente, mas seco, mas costos, fuera mas protegido y mas comodo.