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The Dare 2b DIVE DOWN are waterproof and breathable ski trousers to keep you dry and equipped with an insulation in expanding fabric to provide heat.

DARE 2B Dare 2B
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The Dare 2b DIVE DOWN are waterproof and breathable ski trousers to keep you dry and equipped with an insulation in expanding fabric to provide heat.
The waterproof and breathable features of the Ared 5000 fabric are supplemented by the water displacing finishing and the sewn-pasted seams. DIVE DOWN trousers have a classic cut and you can adjust them easily thanks to the belt and adjustable and removable straps.
The finish is not left out, you will find internally reinforced ankle cloth to prevent that the strokes of ski edges damage the pants, as well as integrated gaiters.
Finally here are the affordable, technical and well equipped trousers you are looking for this winter.


- Water-proof finishing:
- Stitched-pasted seams
- Adjustable and removable straps with runner system in the back
- Adjustable belt
- 2 lateral zip pockets
- Reinforced fabric overlay at inner ankle
- Integrated gaiters
- Expanding insulating polyester fabric - 80g/m2
- Classic cut

Characteristics of Ared 5000 fabric:
Dare 2b Ared is a technology of waterproof and ventilated fabrics offering many advantages in terms of performance. The fabrics of the Ared range are designed to keep the skier dry, warm and preserve comfort on the slopes.
- Sealing: The Dare 2b Ared fabrics will offer the guarantee of repelling moisture.
- Breathability: When you are extremely active and start sweating on the slopes, the Ared fabrics make sure that your body does not feel the cooling due to the accumulated perspiration still trapped, allowing moisture to be removed.
- Water Repellent: All jackets and pants provided for skiing are treated with a water repellent finish, so the water simply trickles down on the garment avoiding that it retains moisture.
- Wind-Breaker When the wind appears on a sunny day, the cold may suddenly be felt on the slopes. The Ared fabrics are designed to withstand wind in order not to get cold.

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Dare 2B

Dare 2b, marca del grupo Regata, ya se impone en el mundo de esqui! Joven y dinamica, es para los fanaticos de la adrenalina.
Los productos fueron creados para que ellos se divierten en las montanas en productos de la calidad requerida, fabricado de una manera muy tecnica. Las costuras estan selladas a prueba de agua, las ropas son antitranspirantes, transpirables y cortavientos.
Dividido en tres capas, la marca joven y divertida sabe vestir toda la familia de pies a cabeza a bajo precio.