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The Deeluxe VICIOUS is a versatile all mountain snowboard very rigid boot (Flex 10/10) intended for riders who want liveliness, accuracy and power.

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  • Año
    • 2014


The Deeluxe VICIOUS is a versatile all mountain snowboard very rigid boot (Flex 10/10) intended for riders who want liveliness, accuracy and power.
The clamping system divides the lacing into three parts allowing the heel, the front of the foot and the tibia areas to be isolated and to benefit from a separate tightening. In this way you will have powerful and comfortable support, perfectly adapted to the morphology of your foot.
This VICIOUS also has an ethical code and tries to combine technology and ecology in proposing a recyclable Sympatex membrane, waterproof and breathable that will keep your feet warm and dry.
In short, the VICIOUS represents the top of the Classic range by Deeluxe. It will delight the advanced riders who will appreciate its support and its power as well as the many possible settings.


- DuPont Surlyn Highback: This spoiler improves the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, it is also useful to increase rigidity.

- Sympatex Membrane: Ecological and recyclable, the Sympatex membrane will protect your feet from the elements. This waterproof and breathable membrane will keep your feet warm and dry.

- Conquest Outsole: The Conquest outsole is manufactured from a special blend of EVA allowing you to increase the sensations felt by relation with your board, in order to get closer to the sensations of skating or surfing. This material provides exceptional cushioning. In order to increase the adhesion, the outsole is fitted with areas of grip at the level of the heel, the toes and the pivot.

- Fast Section Control Lacing 2.0 system: Evolution of the SCL system simple with the addition of Boa for optimal fit at the heel.

- Custom Flex: Our Custom Flex construction allows riders to adjust the support and the responsiveness of their boots. The lacing at the ankle level allows correct holding of the foot in the boot. Thanks to the micro-adjustment provided by Boa, these boots can be adjusted very precisely to provide perfect footwear and flex.

- Waterproof Construction: The precise seams and the sandwich construction prevent water from penetrating into the boot. After all, a dry foot is a happy foot.

- Powerstrap: By keeping the calf in place, Powerstrap provides additional support to the lacing system.

- Thermo Flex liner: Thermo-moulded liner with reinforced lacing and increased support at the heel.

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