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The PROFOIL TRANSALP 88 + STELLA ALPINA 88 is a new generation sealskin, specially designed for using with Transalp 88 and Stella Alpina 88 skis.

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  • Año
    • 2017
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The PROFOIL TRANSALP 88 + STELLA ALPINA 88 is a sealskin specially designed for use on Transalp 88 and Stella Alpina 88 skis.

Very innovative, the Profoil skin revolutionises the performance of standard sealskins. Starting with its appearance, things are clearly different and might even surprise you. Bright yellow, it is composed of a thick plastic grooves consisting of glue which covers the entire ski surface up to the edges.

The big advantages of this new hairless skin, are to be found in the easy glide, the fact that it does not absorb water, is easy to handle and does not hold snow. The grip is excellent even downhill on hard snow, thanks to the scales placed in different positions on the sides.

Further significant advantages: it is no longer necessary to remove the skins during short descents, and the effort is greatly improved on the ascent. In fact, a lengthened stride with an increase of about 20%, is possible. Just try it for yourself!


- Composition: thick grooved plastic with glue.

- Crown Grip: it does not really matter whether it is warm or cold, dry or wet, PROFOIL offers maximum adhesion on all types of snow.

- Crown Glide: Thanks to the low friction margin associated with the PROFOIL range, you glide faster and enjoy a better lift to enhance your gliding ratio.

- Bigger Stride: As you glide faster, your stride is lengthened by about 20%. With PROFOIL, you will reach the summits in greater comfort and with much less effort.

- Water Proof: PROFOIL does not absorb water, therefore we guarantee that it will remain dry and light under all conditions.

- Covers the entire ski surface, up to the edges

- Easy to fold

- Compatible with Transalp 88 and Stella Alpina 88 skis.



En 1924, Josef Fischer empezozo a fabricar carros y trineos en un granero de madera. Mas de ochenta anos mas tarde, Fischer es un grupo mundial. Hoy, Fischer ha conservado su identidad de empresa familiar, con el auge a un escala internacional a traves de una simbiosis de tradicion, innovacion y alta tecnologia.
Fischer ofrece productos de calidad, tanto alpino y nordico de alta calidad para servir a sus deportistas de elite.
Una marca fuerte poniendo en ejecucion un proceso de negocio mas eficaz para apoyar el medioambiente.