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The Classic is a perfect blend of approachability & affordability in a light- Weight, responsive package.

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  • Disciplina
    • Freestyle
  • Nivel
    • Avanzado
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Hombre
  • Año
    • 2017
  • Anchura pied
  • Ganchos
    • Micrometrico
  • Termoconformable
    • Si


At its heart, the Classic is everything you’d ever need in a ski boot; light materials in a responsive construction to handle any and all needs of the aggressive freestyle skier. Nothing less! You can use this boot all over the mountain, steeps, powder, park, wherever! Building on the - Shell used by the previous Drop Kick model, the Classic is a more affordable option with a tongue - Liner.

We bring this living legend back to life each year using all of the same Original molds that put this design on the map. The Full Tilt Classic ski boot features all the best qualities of the original 3-piece - Shell: Easy on & off comfort, infinite - Flex, light- Weight materials at a perfect price! This boot has the spirit of the old Drop Kick boot but at a lower price and featuring the new tongue - Liner.

“Full Tilt boots are unlike any others! The light- Weight and aggressive - Flex of the boot and tongue put you in a position to attack any terrain you are skiing. I'm in the streets most of the season and my ski boots take a beating without having to worry about them - they hold up strong. I wouldn't be able to ski in anything else!” Sean Jordan


3 Piece Boot Technology

- FTO ORIGINAL 3-PIECE - Shell : This original 3-piece boot design is a living legend, we have the honor of bringing back to life each year in it’s original form. 99mm last - Width.

- 99 Last : The original - Width - Shell that your feet love

- #6 - Flex TONGUE : Medium - Flex - Maximum versatility & reliability in all conditions with a smooth, natural ankle motion to eliminate shinbang! You can quickly change your - Flex by swapping out different # - Flex tongues.

- CABLES : Cable - Closure works like a shoelace to eliminate dead spots for a smooth even pressure - Flex & fit

- NYLON RATCHET - Buckles : Super light- Weight, on-the-fly single handed micro adjustment

- FREE - FlexING - Cuff : Rear - Cuff has unrestricted forward motion to never bottom out & move naturally with your leg instead of against it.

- RIGID - Boot Board : The Rigid - Boot Board provides a firm layer in the bottom of the - Shell maximizes responsiveness & sensitivity to the snow.

- RUBBER HEEL - Sole : Replaceable natural rubber heel block for reduced heel slip when walking & hiking.

- 3-PIECE : Up to 2lbs/900g lighter than other boots due to its smart and minimalistic 3-Piece design that eliminates the need for thick, heavy overlapping plastic or bolts

- CUSTOMIZABLE : All parts are sold separately for unlimited personalization and repair using a standard Philips head screwdriver.

- RIBBED TONGUE : 100% ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear - Flex from your shin to your toe. The tongue bends like a - Flexible straw, never bottoming out while providing smooth rebound. No more shin bang!

- ADJUSTABLE - Flex : The boots - Flex is rated on a simple scale of 1-10 (10=stiffest). Change a boots - Flex by simply witching the tongue. (Competitors boots require permanent cutting).

- LATERAL ADJUSTMENT : Easy, precise lateral angle adjustment. Original & Soul - Shell: 12mm Influence - Shell: 3mm

- INFINITE PIVOT : Unlike traditional designs, the rear - Cuff never bottoms out. It pivots infinitely forward with your calf for less - Shell distortion, no shin pain and more control.

- FORWARD LEAN : Tool-less forward angle adjustment. 4mm or 8mm

Quick Fit™ - Liner Technology
- MOLDS 100% TO FEET! : Full Tilt Quick-Fit™ - Liners use authentic Intuition® foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes.

- WARM : Unlike conventional - Liners, our 100% foam construction is air tight with reduced seams to retain body heat like a wetsuit.

- J-BAR : An additional J-shaped piece of foam is inserted internally on both sides of the ankle area to dramatically increase ankle hold down, to keep your feet perfectly in place for precise control.

- CLASSIC FOAM LAMINATE : The Classic - Liner's laminates are a multi-layered construction in a traditional tongue - Liner, designed to provide the targeted comfort and performance in a familiar way!
5mm Open Cell Foam : Warm & comfy layer conforms quickly to your foot upon entry
3mm Medium Density Open Cell Foam : Softest cross linked EVA closed cell foam molds to feet quick
4mm High Density Closed Cell Foam : Most firm & responsive cross linked EVA closed cell foam molds to your feet & transfers the most energy!

- POWERWRAP : An additional layer of ergonomically shaped High Density Intuition® closed cell foam is wrapped around the outside of the upper - Liner to increase energy transfer and horsepower to the - Shell.

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