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The revolutionary glueless climbing skin that eliminates virtually all of the hassle and failures of traditional glue-based skins - and at a fraction of the weight! A revolutionary and worldwide patented technology creates suction to both wet and dry skis that performs in a wide range of snow conditions and in extreme temperatures - without the use of any type of glue adhesive whatsoever!

-Gecko skins only lightly adhere to themselves (no more struggle to separate the skin from itself means no need for time consuming protective shields for storage, or battles in the wind!)

-Multiple same day use; the skins stick to your skis run after run over multiple applications, even when wet! Repeated application and removal of skin does not affect the performance of the skin.

-Dirt, pine needles and other debris wash off the adhesive side of the skin with just warm water!

-No glue makes the Gecko the lightest skin available!

-No re-application of glue or any substance whatsoever to the bottom of the skin ensures long lasting performance!

-Quick and easy application, with or without a tail clip, and even easier removal for the fastest transitions!

-No need to seal, or burn the sides of the skin after cutting to your ski; the skins will not fray!

-Available in multiple lengths and widths, with or without a tail clip, and each pair with a tail clip is completely adjustable (in fractions of a second) to up to 9 cm in length, enabling further use on multiple pairs of similarly shaped skis!

-On models with tail clips, the tail clip is permanently fixed! No more losing tail clips, or carrying spares!

-100% mohair fibers used for lightweight, high performance climbing.

-Constant innovation yields the highest quality products. New for 2011/2012: race skins with maximum glide and minimum weight for rando racers and weight-minded recreational skiers (perfect for long alpine tours and hut trips).


Pre-Sized Original Gecko Glueless Climbing Skin, adjustable up to 10 cm with tip loop and tail clip pre-attached. Trimming pattern and instructions included; no trimming tool included.

Composition : 100% mohair
Width : 110mm

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