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The GO PRO HERO3 camera + BLACK EDITION by GO PRO is the most advanced in the world.

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The GO PRO HERO3 camera + BLACK EDITION by GO PRO is the most advanced in the world.
With it you will have many options such as the Auto Low Light mode that intelligently adjusts the frequency of images for unmatched performance in low light or the new video mode SuperView™ that allows you to capture videos with a one of the most immersive wide-angle visions.
The GO PRO HERO3+ BLACK EDITION will benefit you with an enhanced battery life of 30%, four times faster Wi-Fi, a cleaner lens and compatibility with all existing accessories and fixing GoPro systems.
Finally, it is 20% smaller and lighter than the previous model, the quality of its images is improved and its powerful new capabilities have been designed to be versatile and practical.
It will be a pleasure for you to shoot and view your achievements in a quality never before attained by an on board camera.

In this pack you will find the following items:
- Camera HERO3+ Black Edition
- Waterproof case of 40 m
- Remote Wi-Fi (remote control)
- Charging cable for remote Wi-Fi
- Li-Ion battery for higher capacity
- Quick release buckle
- Vertical quick release buckle
- 1 curved mounting + 1 adhesive plate mounting
- Tri-directional articulated arm
- USB Cable


- Weight: Camera only 74g / Camera with box 136g

- Resolution of video modes: 4K / 4K 17:9 / 2.7K / 2.7K 17:9 / 1440 p / 1080p / 1080p SuperView / 960p / 720p / 720p SuperView / WVGA

- Video formats : H.264 codec, file format .mp4

- SuperView™: The video mode that captures the most immersive wide-angle perspectives around the world. It allows you to capture more of yourself and the surrounding area in your shots and offers a wide screen reading.

- Protune™: The advanced video mode that provides impeccable quality image and allows you to obtain ​optimized videos worthy of professional cinematographic productions​. The content creators receive unmatched flexibility and ​a effectiveness in their work.

- White Balance: Regulate the colour shades of photos and videos to adapt to different lighting conditions.

- Spot meter: Ideal for shooting in a dark place, when the camera is oriented toward a light source (for example: shoot the landscape from a car).

- One button: When the camera is started, it automatically begins to film or to take photos by intervals.

- Auto Low Light: Automatically adjusts the frequency of images depending on the light conditions for optimal low light performance.

- Re-recording: Record a video in continuous mode, on itself, until you press the shutter button to stop. This mode is ideal for saving space on your memory card while waiting to capture a specific moment of the action.

- Continuous shooting: Let your finger pressed on the shutter to capture a series of photos until you release the shutter button.

- Video and photo simultaneously: Record a video and take accelerated photos at the same time.

- Burst mode: Take up to 30 photos per second - ideal mode for photographing fast-moving action scenes.

- Interval shooting: Automatically capture a series of photos at defined intervals. Ideal for taking pictures when the camera is out of scope.

- Image + Optical quality: 33% of improvement of the image sharpness compared to the HERO3: Black Edition. High-precision spherical glass lens with elements 6. Fixed opening f/2.8 . Ultra wide-angle field of vision.

- Battery + charger: 30% of extended battery life compared to the HERO3: Black Edition. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Evaluation carried out at 1180 mAH, 3.7 V, 4366 mWh.

- Audio: Mono, 48kHz, AAC compression with AGC (Automatic Gain Control). Improvement of the acoustic range of approximately 10 dB in relation to HERO3: Black Edition. Manages approximately volumes 2 times higher, without distortion, compared to the HERO3: Black Edition. Supports a stereo microphone with 3.5 mm via an optional adapter (sold separately).

- Mini USB Port: Charge, connecting to a computer to read/transfer files/charge, supporting a stereo microphone with 3.5 mm via an optional adapter (sold separately), support for TV playback via a composite optional cable (sold separately).

- HDMI Micro port: Supports the playback on HDTV via an optional cable (sold separately)

- Micro SD port: Memory Card

- Storage: Micro SD Memory Card class 10 required. Support for a maximum capacity of 64 Gb. The recording time varies depending on the resolutions and the frequency of images.