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FIS approved slalom ski, the WC REBELS I.SL RD has appeared several times on the World Cup rounds and on the podiums.

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  • Disciplina
    • Racing
  • Nivel
    • Experto
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Mixto
  • Año
    • 2015
  • Tamano aconsejado
    • 5 a 15 cm menos
  • Arqueo


FIS approved slalom ski, the WC REBELS I.SL RD has appeared several times on the World Cup rounds and on the podiums.
This slalom ski integrates the best technologies of the brand regarding competition and speed for each hundredth of a second to be an earned hundredth: Intelligence technology to acquire stability, KERS concept to acquire speed at each corning, racing sole for optimum gliding and rebel camber for irreproachable grip. Attention, this is the fastest ski around the world!

If the best World Cup riders relied on the FREEFLEX PRO 16 to catapult themselves between the gates at 100km/h, you can also do it. A concentration of technology to ensure accuracy and security.


- KERS : An computerised piezoelectric device which stores energy from skis and releases it at the end of each turn. In reality, it is a turbo charger for your skis

- TECHNOLOGIE INTELLIGENCE : Fibres piézoélectriques qui absorbent les vibrations à la vitesse de la lumière. Lorsque vous prenez de la vitesse à skis, la technologie Intelligence™ raidit vos skis pour augmenter leur stabilité. Elle s’adapte à l’endroit et à la façon dont vous skiez.

- CONSTRUCTION WORLD CUP SANDWICH : La construction de base inventée par Howard Head dans les années 1940, perfectionnée à la main par les meilleurs techniciens du ski du monde moderne. Le noyau bois laminé vertical est entouré de chants en phénol et du meilleur titanal. C’est la construction la plus rapide de la planète. Un point c’est tout


- REBEL CAMBER : Some years ago, it was rebellious to have rocker. Now, it’s rebellious to have camber. With Rebel Camber, we feature explosive acceleration and excellent edge grip for the World Cup Rebel inside you.

- RD Racing coating

- FIS Approved

- Infra-red base

- Race RDX plate:

- DIN: 5 to 16
- FreeFlex pro : Best performance enabled by the innovative Freeflex Pro System. Due to the reduced stand height, the band is now much closer to the ski boot. The free-gliding heel allows the ski to bend through unimpeded. Constant release values reduce the risk of injury and ensure safe ski steering.

- Aero Toe and TRP System

- Diagonal Race Toe: The Full Diagonal toe ensures intelligent 180° release both horizontally and vertically. For maximum safety in backward twisting fall situations. The Diagonal Race Toe is designed for competition. Due increased release value for vertical and horizontal release, this binding can handle more extreme backward angles.

- Race Pro Heel : Reduced height, this heel meets FIS requirements. This gave us the opportunity to redesign the heel track, making it 1mm higher and 8mm wider for even more stability and direct power transmission. Moreover, increased size of the gliding inserts reduces friction and provides even smoother and more consistent release performance in all skiing situations and conditions.



La historia HEAD empieza en 1847 con Tyrolia y en 1950 Head Ski Company se funda. Ahora es uno de los lideres mundiales en la fabricacion y distribucion de material de deportivo.
Esta compania austriaca esta organizada en cinco divisiones operativas: los deportes de invierno, deportes de raqueta, Buceo, sportswear y licencias. Los productos HEAD: esquis alpinos, fijaciones de esquis, botas de esqui, snowboard y protecciones, raquetas de tenis y de squash, pelotas de tenis y zapatos de tenis y de deportes.
Los productos Head han alcanzado posiciones de liderazgo en terminos de ventas y de la reputacion y han ganado un alto perfil a traves del uso de los mejores atletas de hoy.
Ahora, Head domina el campeonato del mundo FIS de esqui alpino.