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GLASSES Spectron 4 baby

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  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Ninos
  • Año
    • 2013
  • Categoria lente
    • Cat 4


GLASSES Spectron 4 baby
- Spectron Polycarbonate
- Flash treatment:
- Rate of transmission of visible light: 5%
- Protection index: category 4
- Recommended use: mountain and sea for sunny conditions.

Offering a comprehensive range of Junior sunglasses, the Jura based manufacturer offers particular attention to the eye protection of young children thanks to their high performance products. Specially adapted to the faces of small children (4-6 years old), the BOOBA JR are comfortable and functional sunglasses. They have a double injection frame and a soft area which is in contact with the face. Similarly, the arm profile and the curvature of the ends means that they hold on the ears well.
With an enveloping frame, wide arms, it stops the rays of the sun with ease. Highly protective, it is equipped with glasses of category 4 with flash treatment for maximum protection of the eyes. Designed for the very sunny days, it represents the essential accessory for all children for skiing in winter, in the mountains or in the sea for the rest of the year.


- Solar Mount RX Frame: With the RX Frame, Julbo offers a wide range in base 6, specifically developed to be equipped with correcting solar lenses. Suitable shape, functional drageoirs, glasses at the correct height: this range allows you to mount easily the corrective lenses, and this, for all the corrections.

- SCREEN Spectron 4 baby (Spectron Polycarbonate): lightweight but offering good resistance to shock, it is versatile and well suited to all sports.

- Sipe Grip Tech: Flexible and carved insert at the end of branch for excellent stability of glasses. It never adheres to the hair.

- Attached cord: Allows you to attach a cord.

- Flex system : Articulation of branches at the temples to provide additional comfort and adapt to different rounds of heads

- Curved arms: Ergonomic profile for a good holding of the glasses on the face and the head.

- Wraparound curved shape: Wraparound profile for combining protection and good vision.

- Dimensions:
Lenses : 49 mm
Nose: 17 mm
Arms: 100 mm


Logo Julbo

Fundada en 1888 por Jules Baud, la marca del Jura cuenta con mas de 120 anos de existencia.
Desde su actividad principal (gafas de sol), Julbo tiene una politica de diversificacion constante y exitosa. La marca selecciona los mejores materiales y aplica tratamientos especificos: anti-deslumbramiento, niebla, hidrofobicas ... para crear lentes exclusivos y de alto rendimiento. Todas las gafas de sol Julbo cumplen con las normas europeas y americanas.
Ahora es la referencia en gafas de sol de deportivo, reconocida como lider de gafas de sol para ninos, Julbo esta ampliando su desarrollo con productos solares solar publico, mascaras y cascos para practicar deportes de invierno.