LINE SICK DAY 125 2015

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Twice awarded "ski of the year", the SICK DAY 125 is successful thanks to its detonative performance.

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  • Disciplina
    • Freeride
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Hombre
  • Año
    • 2015
  • Tamano aconsejado
    • Cerca de tu talla
  • Arqueo
    • Puente tradicional + Rocker de espátula y talón

LINE SICK DAY 125 2015

Twice awarded "ski of the year", the SICK DAY 125 is successful thanks to its detonative performance.
Part of the most powerful and easy-to-handle skis in the freeride range, it is also the broadest with its 125 mm at waist. Formidable in deep snow by its flotation and its outstanding manoeuvrability, the hardest snow does not scare it at all. Its Capwall construction offers it good dampening of vibrations to keep the speed without batting an eyelash. The Early Taper makes it even faster because it effectively suppresses the resistance on powdery snow though its thinner ends. A real gift for the fans of the deep.


- Capwall Construction: building cap on top for a responsive ski associated with the sidewall building on the sides for a smooth and solid feel (vibration absorption)

- Early Rise™ tip & tail 25cm x 15mm: the elevation of the tip begins earlier in the ski so that the tips lift-off from the powder with more ease and remain in surface without the need to position them on the back.

- Early Taper™ tip & tail: the wider sidecut begins to shrink earlier in the ski tip to reduce drag at the heel and clashes in powdery snow.

- Thin Tip: very thin layer of wood and edges at the ends of the ski to reduce the weight (50 grams by skiing).

- Maple Macroblock™ Core: the core is composed of two lines of complete Maple wood (80%) that is surrounded by rows of Aspen wood (50 %)

- 5 Cut™ : 5 different sizes of radius are mixed in a single one, for intuitive control and unlimited cornering.

- Directional Flex

Espátula (mm) Patin (mm) Talón (mm) Radio (m) Peso (g)