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Our most advanced powder ski technology scaled down to match a lighter skier's size.

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“These skis have the same technology for skiing powder as the ski I ride, but sized & priced for kids. The future of our sport is going to be riding this ski.” - ERIC POLLARD


- 4D Fibercap™
- Fivecut™
- Early Rise™
- Symmetric Flex™
- Early Taper™
- Aspen Macroblock™
- Real Twin Tip™
- Extruded Fatty Base & Edge™

- Waist Width mm: 107
- Length cm: 145, 155, 165
- Shape mm: 133-107-129
- Sidecut m: 14 (155cm)
- Stance mm: -31 (155cm)
- Weight: 1,645 g/ski (155cm)
- Profile mm: 6-1-6
- (Tip Early Rise-Camber-Tail Early Rise)

- Aspen Macroblock™ Core : 100% Aspen for the lightest, most nimble feel
- 4D Fibercap™ : 4-Directions of fiberglass reinforcement around the core for durability and a super light & responsive feel.
- Symmetric Flex™ : The same ski flex in-front and behind your boot conforms to terrain for equally performance riding forward & backwards.
- Early Rise™ : The rise in the tip starts earlier for effortlessly staying on top of the snow without needing to sit back.
- Early Taper™ : The widest point of sidecut starts tapering earlier in the tip to reduces tail drag and hooking in powder.
- Longer Active Edge™ : 20% longer sidecut edge length in contact with the snow than other skis in it's class for more grip & less slip!
- Fivecut™ : 5 different sizes of sidecut radius shapes are blended into one, for intuitive control & unlimited turn shapes.
- Fatty Base & Edge™ : 30% thicker & edge dramatically increases durability & tuning life.
- Real Twin Tip™ : Many skiers ski as much forward as backwards so we create some of our skis with equal tip and tail heights.
- Secret R&D Lair Tour : Go deep into the forests of the Pacific Northwest and take an exclusive tour of our secret Research & Development Lair. Where all products & idea are prototyped and developed.
- How to make a ski : Sit back and take a dub step bass filled journey through our process of hand making a Line Ski. Shot by Poorboyz Productions

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