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The Ace Of Spades is armed for the freestyle and offers excellent qualities practicing freeski.

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  • Disciplina
    • Freestyle
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Hombre
  • Año
    • 2013
  • Anchura pied


The Ace Of Spades is armed for the freestyle and offers excellent qualities practicing freeski.

The double-density Full Shock Eraser sole created a suspension for your feet. Combined with a foam padding judiciously placed on the tibia, the heel and the tip, it absorbs vibration and shocks to facilitate your receptions, even the most difficult ones.

In addition, the shell is designed in high-performance and ultra-lightweight materials for more manoeuvrability and flexibility. Assembled in three parts, the shell construction makes this shoe easy to don and doff.

Finally, the medium rigidity of the shoe, its progressive flex with return of the tongue as well as the strap of 45mm provides this model with support and flexibility.

Comfortable and shock absorbing, light and responsive, this liner will allow you to reach a higher level thanks to its accuracy and its very efficient design.


- Progressive flex with spring-back of the tongue

- Fit: 100 mm

- Strap of 45 mm

- Dual Density Full Shock Eraser sole: Suspension for your feet. Our dual density shoe has a foam padding under the foot which easily absorbs shocks when landing and unwanted vibrations. All this combined with a foam padding judiciously placed on the tibia, the heel and the tip which absorbs the most important impacts. Nordica has found the ideal solution for the skiers who seek to confront the tracks with a product without compromise.

- Flex Sport Performance Progressive: The rigidity of the shoe increases as the bending progresses to amplify the power transmission of the ski. This technology allows the shoe to gradually release the power that the skier passes to the ski, depending on the needs. The lower part of the flex zone is blocked to ensure an immediate and effective impact on the edges - particularly necessary on hard snow. The upper part of the flex zone provides a more fluid and permissive progression for the amateur skier.

- 3 aluminium hooks

- Maintenance of the kick at 45°

- Rubberized soles with high traction: Superior traction for all-mountain skiing ascents with simple foot displacement.

- Strap positioned at 45°: A strap positioned at 45° offering maximum tightening, increasing the retention of the heel towards the rear of the shoe, thus ensuring comfort and warmth to the front-foot. This type of closure also allows you to facilitate the foot entry and exit of the shoe, regardless of the temperature!

- Design of the shell in three parts: Unlike the traditional closure of footwear shells which put the emphasis on the front and rear lock of the foot, some Nordica models use a shell design intended to improve the lateral accuracy of the shoe. The increase of the lateral accuracy is the key for better control of the new shells, today wider and more ambitious.

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