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NORDICA has designed this versatile women's ski boot having three words in mind: Comfort, simplicity and performance.

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  • Disciplina
    • Polivalente
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    • Mujer
  • Año
    • 2012


NORDICA has designed this versatile women's ski boot having three words in mind: Comfort, simplicity and performance.
The FIRE ARROW F3 W therefore includes characteristics thought to make your experience in skiing as pleasant as possible. The design of the shell in 3 parts makes the FIRE ARROW F3 W an easy model to don and to doff. This top-of-the-range model has 3 clamping hooks in aluminium fitted with an ergonomic handle for a good grip for easy adjustment. The wide strap with Velcro at the top of the rod will be ideal so that all the skiers can obtain support perfectly adapted to their morphology and its skiing style. Good level skiers entering in cornering with confidence will be delighted to receive a shoe that quickly and accurately transmits their movements to the ski edges.
This shoe will make you confident by helping you also to guide more easily your skis and therefore to make progress thanks to a better control.


- Fit: 100 mm

- Flex: 105 progressive

- Strap positioned at 45°: Offering a maximum tightening, increasing the retention of the heel towards the rear of the shoe, thus ensuring comfort and warmth to the front-foot. This type of closure also allows you to facilitate the foot entry and exit of the shoe, regardless of the temperature!

- Design of the shell in three parts: Unlike the traditional closure of footwear shells which put the emphasis on the front and rear lock of the foot, the Firearrow models use a shell design intended to improve the lateral accuracy of the shoe. The increase of the lateral accuracy is the key for better control of the new shells, today wider and more ambitious.

- New PFP Precision liner: New internal coatings sewn by hand, designed to improve comfort and performance, offering more space for the fingers of the feet in order to ensure good blood circulation, therefore more heat.

- Efficient Dynamic Technology: Consisting of a chassis in carbon fibre wrapped in lightweight polyurethane, the EDT structure is fixed to the shell in four points. This concept eliminates the marked twisting and deformation of plastics by increasing the effectiveness and the power transmission to create a more precise connection with the ski.

- Facilitated donning: Hull design and material selection that facilitates the entry of the foot, regardless of the ambient temperature.

- Flex High Performance Progressive: The rigidity of the shoe increases progressively as the flex progresses to amplify the power transmission of the ski. Thanks to the adjustable High Performance Flex Blocks of our Firearrow shoes, skiers are able to mechanically adjust themselves the flex with a simple Allen key in order to obtain the desired rigidity for the type of skiing that they are practicing, or the snow conditions that they encounter.

- High performance articulation point : Located at the top of the shell and further back to allow the transmission of energy and specific return.

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