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Prizm Jade Iridium screen:

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    • 2015


Prizm Jade Iridium screen:
- Description: Average to strong brightness. Neutral shade offering a truer colour perception. Coating in Iridium® for glare reduction. Perfect in sunny and warm weather.
- Light Transmission : 17%
- Protection index: 3
- Neutral/Contrast: Neutral

+ VR50 Pink Iridium screen:
- Description: Cloudy to partially covered weather.
- Light Transmission : 41%
- Protection index: 2
- Neutral/Contrast: Contrast

The OAKLEY AIRBRAKE goggles are equipped with the Switchlock™ technology that allows you to change the lens quickly and easily. These goggles are delivered with lenses in two different colours, so that you can directly adapt to all light conditions related to the change of weather.
The Switchlock technology optimizes the shock protection, eliminates the visual deformation and makes the change of lenses quick and easy. You simply rotate the lever of the locking mechanism to release the lens in place.
The AIRBRAKE is optimized to suit the faces of medium to large size and its architecture offers comfort throughout the day. The lightweight and durable frame is equipped with a rigid front that eliminates the pressure around the nose and improves the circulation of air, and a flexible structure in O Matter® that fits better to your morphology. The belts of the strap ensures the balanced distribution of the pressure and allow you to wear the frame with or without a helmet. Along the facial contact zone, these glasses include a polar fleece foam that distributes pressure and allows moisture to escape.
The screens are manufactured in Plutonite® that filter 100% of UV rays. Furthermore, to avoid any accumulation of mist, the F3 anti-fog technology is combined with a design with two lenses: a lens on top of the other one with a thermal barrier between both of them. Two lenses of different colours are delivered with the goggles, so that you can easily adapt to all conditions and always benefit from a great visual comfort.


- Switchlock™ technology for quickly and easily changing the lens in order to adapt to all brightness conditions
- Supplied with two colour lenses and a case
- Rigid frame front and flexible O Matter® rear chassis
- Internal support system to minimize the optical distortion and nasal pressure and to maximize the circulation of the air
- Comfort throughout the day thanks to a triple-layer foam polar fleece for the evacuation of moisture
- Balanced cut (with or without a helmet), via O Matter
- Interchangeable belt straps
- Elimination of fogging thanks to dual vented lenses with F3 anti-fog technology
- Adjusted light transmission through the coating of the lens in Iridium® (optional)
- UV protection due to the Plutonite® that filters 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC and the dangerous blue light up to 400 nm
- Optimized to suit the faces of medium to large size



En 1975, Jim Jannard decidio iniciar su propio negocio. Se crea Oakley con 300 dolares en el bolsillo y la idea muy simple de fabricar productos que funcionan mejor y tienen un aspecto mas agradable de lo que se puede encontrar en el mercado. El comienza a reinventar gafas de sol disenados para los deportes.
El primer competidor de nivel mundial que se ponga en contacto con la empresa fue Greg LeMond, que gano tres veces el Tour de Francia.
Decadas de innovacion aportan nuevas tecnologias de productos, mezcla de ciencia y de arte que han dotado Oakley de mas de 600 patentes en todo el mundo. Hoy en dia, la marca se ha convertido en un simbolo de excelencia y la solucion a los desafios que deben hacer frente aquellos que no pueden hacer compromiso con el rendimiento.