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This year the DVA 3+ by Ortovox, already recognized for its effectiveness and its ease of use, has a few additional functions for you to make search even easier and faster.

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    • 2017


This year the DVA 3+ by Ortovox, already recognized for its effectiveness and its ease of use, has a few additional functions for you to make search even easier and faster.
You are found more easily thanks to the new system integrated RECCO, for faster positioning of victims by professional rescuers as well as to serve as a Backup in case of non illuminated DVA or discharged batteries. Antenna patented by Technology Smart with automatic recognition of the switched position to the antenna best oriented to emit.
Also in terms of research, the device makes no compromises, the handling is still improved. The 3+ is equipped with all the specificities of a DVA digital modern with 3 antennas. The illuminated display in real time informs on the direction, the approximation and the number of victims. The patented circle representation, combined with the acoustics of intuitive research leaves no doubt in the search process. Once located, the victims can be saved with the marking function.. The automatic switching in the event of on-avalanche offers additional security. We also think about the future: the 3+ can be updated. Finally, with a single battery, it is energy efficient.


- SMART-ANTENNA technology: to be found more easily! The integrated SMART ANTENNA technology analyses the position of the antennas in the avalanche and automatically switches on the best oriented antenna to emit. The result: doubled scope, even in the worst position of emission, and that, regardless of the device used for research. The patented technology Smart Antenna is compatible with all DVA and therefore the effectiveness is entirely independent of the device used for the search.

- FAST FIND : The circular screen concentrates you on the main one: the remoteness and the relative position of the buried person. Align the appliance on the arrow. The solid arrow and the central indication of the distance will keep you on the right path.

- FINE SEARCH : The patented circular representation shows at first glance if you approach or move away from the signal. With the accurate distance display you can determine in a very effective manner the smallest distance of the buried person and delineate the area of sounding.

- EASY MARK : With the 3+, even when there are several people who have been buried, you keep an overview. The number of individuals buried is displayed on the screen. Once you have found the first one, you can mark this signal using the key of recognition. The person buried is displayed as recognized and you can immediately continue the search.

- UPDATE : Development is constantly evolving. To guarantee that you will take advantage of the latest developments in victim search, the 3+ can be updated. So you always stay on the cutting-edge of technology!

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