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ANTHEM by RIDE is a very good, versatile and convenient shoe thanks to its quick lacing system.

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  • Disciplina
    • Polivalente
  • Nivel
    • Intermedio-Bueno
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    • Nuevo
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  • Tipo
    • Hombre
  • Año
    • 2015
  • Flex


ANTHEM by RIDE is a very good, versatile and convenient shoe thanks to its quick lacing system.
RIDE has tried to provide each rider with powerful and comfortable support. That is why on the ANTHEM you can find an easy-to-handle internal Lock DownMD turbo lacing and a Boa Coiler lacing wheel for optimum adjustment suitable to each morphology. The intermediate flex 5/10 is the perfect combination between comfort, tolerance and precision! The foam liner IntuitionMD Plush has internal reinforcements in J so that your foot is always in place even when you want to pass to the higher speed.
This RIDE liner will accompany you on any land helping you to improve while providing you with the comfort necessary to spend great days in the mountains.


- Flex: 5/10

- Liner: IntuitionMD Plus and AegisMD antimicrobial coating. Medium density foam that provides the ultimate fluffy sensation to be comfortable throughout the day.

- In2grated Construction: The In2gratedmc construction creates the shortest and lightest high-performance boots in the market, undoubtedly. The detachable lining is factory-moulded inside the shell in order to create the most effective "net adjustment" providing less compression for better general comfort.

- Liner adjustment: Internal thermoforming reinforcements in J

- Insole: Sole in punch-cut EVA

- Outer sole: Adherent sole

- Internal lacing: Lock DownMD turbo process

- External lacing: Boa lacing coil and CloserMD guidance system

- Boa Coiler: A fast lacing system with a coil that retracts the loose cables. Fast, durable and easy to operate.

- The Closer lace guide: The Closer lace guide is centred above the front-foot to concentrate the power of lacing in the bottom and equalize the lacing tension on the whole boot. Accompanied by the Boa lacing systems, the equal tightening of the Closer guide raisesthe lacing speed with a notch and provides an incredibly comfortable fit.

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