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This lightweight and comfortable helmet RH2 EXP is part of the all mountain range of ROSSIGNOL.

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  • Año
    • 2015


This lightweight and comfortable helmet RH2 EXP is part of the all mountain range of ROSSIGNOL.
The soft and removable ear protectors will provide you with comfort and warmth this winter while the reduced weight of the RH2 EXP makes it very comfortable to wear. On this helmet, the size is adjustable using a BOA adjustment system guaranteed for life. Thus you get an unlimited number of settings which allow you to find the perfect fit for each use. The system is usable with one hand and allows to adjust very quickly the helmet; once the perfect adjustment is found, the wheel remains in position, without risk of misalignment.

- Natural ventilation: Allows evacuating the hot air and moisture in order to regulate the temperature for better comfort.
- Pro Fit: - Precision and comfort, a perfect fit for a dynamic ski, without compromise
- IN-MOLD construction Plate of 1 mm Polycarbonate (PC) preformed to create the external shell, and then the foam of inner absorption, the PSE, is injected directly to the inside of the outer shell. Lighter than a traditional construction with less inertia and closer to the head.


- Weight: 380g

- Certification: CE EN1077 - ASTM 2040

- Outer shell: PC In Mold

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