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Notice to freeride skiers who want a real all mountain ski on their feet allowing floating in powdery and to attack on track.

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  • Disciplina
    • Freeride
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Mujer
  • Año
    • 2016
  • Tamano aconsejado
    • Cerca de tu talla
  • Arqueo
    • Puente tradicional + Rocker de espátula y talón


Notice to freeride skiers who want a real all mountain ski on their feet allowing floating in powdery and to attack on track.
Belonging to the 7 series, the SAFFRON 7 is the intermediate model of the freeride women's range (98 mm at waist) offering an excellent ski for powdery snow. Combining a rocker in tip, a traditional camber under the foot and a square heel with rocker, this ski is manageable, fun and very efficient, while being sufficiently versatile to go anywhere with ease. Integrating the new AirTip technology, it is lighter for even more pleasure and comfort.
Incredibly versatile, the SAFFRON 7 will be the perfect companion for the female skier who wants to discover every nooks and cranny of a station for finding the perfect spot.


- Air Tip: This Rossignol exclusive technology has been thought for freeride and large spaces! The tip is both filled with air for maximum lightness and structured to maintain optimum torsional rigidity. The weight of the ski is redistributed, the tip is alleviated for more of ease, safety and flotation. The weight is concentrated at the centre of the ski to maximize control and power under the feet of the skier.

- Powder Turn Rocker: A construction with 50 % of camber under the foot and 50 % of Rocker in tip and tail. The left camber underfoot provides the skis with a catchy behaviour on groomed trails. The rocker in tip increases the flotation in powdery snow and allows accessing to new sensations without fatigue. The rocker in tail facilitates drive and control.

- Free VAS: Perfect linkage between the Paulownia core and Air tip. VAS technology allows you getting very good comfort when shifting from one type of snow to another by limiting the vibrations. VAS technology makes the ski more controllable and secure, therefore, easier to access. This technology also makes the touch of snow softer and more comfortable for even more fun.

- Minicap Sandwich construction

- Wood core

Espátula (mm) Patin (mm) Talón (mm) Radio (m) Peso (g)