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  • Disciplina
    • Freeride
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    • Avanzado
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
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    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Hombre
  • Año
    • 2016
  • Arqueo
    • Puente múltiple


Xavier De Le Rue, the famous hunter of lines and corridors, is at the origin of the new series bearing the initials of his first name: The XV MAGTEK.
This explains why this board is capable of doing the best in Big Mountain to allow you to manage the most extreme lines. But it is also perfect for the track and the edges of the snowy track because its core is reactive and very effective at high speed. The XV MAGTEK has the AmpTek All-Mountain rocker combining the best of the traditional camber and the rocker to provide you with stability, versatility and flotation. In addition, the Magne-Traction 7M technology provides the XV MAGTEK with exceptional gripping in all conditions while the CBF basalt fibres provides power in relaunching to allow an engaged ride at all levels!
If you are an advanced rider who loves beautiful lines and increasing the speed on any type of snow, then the XV MAGTEK is your board.


- Program: All Mountain

- Shape Directional Twin

- Core: THC CBF2

- Sole density: Sintered 7500

- Your level: Advanced to Pro

- Flex: 10/10

- Tip Roller: A core manufactured with tip and tail to reduce the inertia at the maximum, refocus the pressure on the bindings and improve the stability and the manageability of the board regardless of the snow or slope conditions.

- Waist: 255mm to 264mm

- Sidecuts: Magne-Traction 7M, 8m-9.9m

- Split core THC2 CBF2: 2 species of laminated wool around 3 beams in Microcell, combined with 2 bands of basalt for more lightness while improving balance, control and adhesion.

- Rocker camber AmpTek All-Mountain: The first rocker associated with of the camber between the feet for a maximum flotation and pop while making the board stable and fun. Opt for a more reactive board with the AmpTek All-Mountain and have immediate pleasure, with rocker of 60% and a camber of 40%: Better control, greater stability, more pressure on the square, softer receptions, very manoeuvrable in the powder, flexible tips/ rigid waist.

- ABS edges: The best anti-shock and fully waterproof protection, the ABS is integrated on all our edges and in some cores.

- Aramid reinforcements: Generally used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests, Aramid amortizes the vibration and absorbs the shocks of the large receptions.

- CBF basalt reinforcements: Stronger and lighter than glass fibre, more elastic than carbon, basalt provides power and stability whilst absorbing vibrations. A strip of basalt fibre along each square for a yet more precise grip, excellent stability at high speed, generous pop and hallucinating smooth gliding.

- Double box of torsion A core in 3 sections where the sides are glass fibre belts and reinforcements of basalt and aramid strips before being taken from glass: incomparable stability at high speed, infinite resistance to the use, excellent adhesion and hyper-fluid edging.

- Magne-Traction: The original version 7M has 7 deep corrugations along the edges. The Magne-Traction maximizes the pressure exerted on the edges between the legs, giving life to this "dead zone" previously inaccessible, for more control and stability in the rudest conditions.

- MagTek: The most powerful edge meets the most powerful camber. Only Rossignol Snowboards give you the best of both worlds: award-winning Magne-Traction edges combined with an AmpTek premium rocker. This is the ultimate in design of snowboards. A better holding, more control and more performance regardless of the level, the ground or the snow conditions.

- Microcell: 3 longitudinal bars in polyurethane incorporated in the core to reduce weight and increase power.

- RSD: Very directional flex and extremely rigid under the front foot for controlling trajectories and power. Rigid waist for greater stability at high speed. Moderately flexible under the rear foot for touching the snow and manoeuvrability.

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  • Año
    • 2015


Rocket science harnessed! The new RADAR binding can be compared to a bomb-proof off-road vehicle. It includes some of the most powerful features ever created. Its Natural Cant Plus interface is the lightest shock-absorbing technology on the planet. It can cushion the hardest landings and protect your heels against bruises. Its Omnichrom Light baseplate is combined with its polycarbonate highback to offer a perfect cocktail of flex, comfort and responsiveness. Its Infinite and Hyperflex straps provide all the support you need.


- Baseplate: Omnichrom light: The Omnichrom has lost some weight. It has the same performance as the DRAKE Omnichrom base and an improved and lightened heelcup at bridge level. The Omnichrom light maintains the same level of responsiveness while increasing its flexibility. Its total weight was reduced by removing the unnecessary materials from bridge to base. Get rid of the unnecessary weight!

- Interface: Natural cant plus: The new comfort and performance standard. Its outer angle fills the gap between the outer part of the foot and the binding to ensure perfect sense of balance even for larger stances. It is equipped with the PU Plaxmol Heel cushioning system to dampen shocks and vibrations and optimize cushioning, making it even more comfortable. In addition, its toe ramp ensures perfect edge control.

- Highback: Polycarbonate Biomap: A collection of asymmetric highbacks ensuring maximum energy transmission from body to board as well as correct position support. These highbacks are designed by biomechanical technology to be anatomically compatible with all sorts of calves to maintain the legs in the right position and transfer power directly to the board without wasting any energy.

- Ankle Strap: Infinite: A double-density strap making no compromise between performance and comfort. The design of its inner structure is based on the infinity symbol and ensures powerful energy transmission. Its wider outer structure eliminates contact points. The 2 gel pads placed in junction zones provide great comfort.

- Toe Strap: Hyperflex: This revolutionary tip strap offers perfect positioning at the front of the boots. Its two flexible wings automatically wrap around any type of boot tip. It supports you perfectly and ensures that the boots will stay in the bindings. They go back to their initial position to close around the tip consistently.

- Buckles: Mg 12: It is the fastest closing system on the market. Its ergonomic shape that accelerates closing and release is particularly appreciated. It now weighs 25% less by replacing aluminum with magnesium, and is even more precise thanks to its new metal release button.

- Disc: Classic: The DRAKE original disk can be mounted on 4 and 3-hold models without a problem! The Classic will enable you to customize your DRAKE bindings and mount them on all the boards you use.

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