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  • Disciplina
    • Freestyle Backcountry
  • Nivel
    • Avanzado
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Hombre
  • Año
    • 2015
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The ROCKER2 122 is the "fattest" of the Gravity range intended for powdery snow. With its 122 mm at waist and well proportionated Twin Rocker, it is the ultimate weapon for endless days!
In the program, formidable flotation and fun sensations, comparable to those of the surf. Very lightweight because of its honeycomb design at each of its ends and devoid of edges in tip and tail, this ski has a 100% wood core, straight and reinforced edges that create a technical and robust ski. While its lowered camber under the foot provides the grip and stability necessary to return on the slopes without fatigue. A real slaughter for those addicted to deep.


Construction and core:
- 100% wood core: wood from the tip to the tail for better stability, a more powerful rebound, optimum contact ski/snow and a maximum attenuation of vibration.
- Straight edging: with less than excess materials for an efficient energy transfer from the skier to the snow.

Rocker :
- Twin rocker: for a ski in three dimensions. Long and low rocker shape at the level of the tail and the tip that allows the ski to rotate more easily and with more fun without making an edging fault. Patented design by Salomon.

Specific characteristics:
- Hook Free Taper : Allowing for easier turn initiation in soft and variable snow. The tip and tail shape slices through difficult snow without hanging up which reduces deviation of the tip at high speed.
- Ends devoid of edges: offers better gliding in the powdery snow because the ends do not snag anymore + weight gain
- Honeycomb tip: reduces inertia and makes the ski more manageable and fun. Strengthened by an ABS chassis for better wear resistance.

- Wide edges: for a longer life and better resistance to shocks
- Optimal strengthening of edges: reinforcement fibres directly placed on the edges for an increased rigidity as well as resistance and improved grip.

Espátula (mm) Patin (mm) Talón (mm) Radio (m) Peso (g)
  • Disciplina
    • Freestyle
  • Nivel
    • Experto
  • Estado
    • Nuevo
  • Garantia
    • 1 ano
  • Tipo
    • Mixto
  • Año
    • 2014
  • Type of binding
    • Libre
    • 8--->16 (esquiador extremo, competicion)


A reference in terms of modern freeski bindings, the JESTER also comes in a PRO model. We should warn you that the JESTER PRO is a binding with plenty under the bonnet. With Din values between 8 and 18, a new toe and heel design making it more compact and rigid, and a wider base for improved power transfer, it is a real weapon for freeriding. Ultra Durable, its metal casing on the toe piece prevents any deformation and can also be used as a snow grate for the soles of iced up boots.
A top of the range binding for the competitions skiers or for those who commit themselves for real.
Proof of this is the choice of all the riders of the team: Sam Smoothy, Sean Petit and Mathieu Bijasson in freeride and Russ Henshaw, Nick Goepper, Ahmet Dadali and Tom Wallish in park!
The toe height is adjustable to ensure the best results with your boots.

PLEASE NOTE: there many different sizes of ski brakes available, when placing your order please provide the ski waist width.


- DIN: 8 to 18

- Triple Pivot Elite Toe : The toe construction with DIN/ISO up to Z 18 allows for impressive retentions when freeriding. The spring in the toe is inserted horizontally and with a sole plate inclined by 5° it provides the highest energy absorption so as to reduce the risk of early release. A large surface optimises the power transfer and allows high energy use. The toe pieces with this technology deliver an unparalleled level of performance in relation to their weight.

- AFD Stainless Steel : All MARKER bindings are equipped with a moveable AFD (anti friction device) leading to a highly precise release almost entirely unhindered by dirt, snow and ice! Adjustment of the AFD to the area of application ensures perfect functionality - from racing,for children’s bindings or on ski tours.

- Inter-Pivot Heel Piece : The stunning heel construction delivers superior holding power for free riding, featuring DIN/ISO6-16. The Inter Pivot Heel directs the power forces in the angle of elasticity improving the holding power and reducing pre-releases.

- Magnesium Parts: Magnesium is THE lightest and most robust metal construction material making it perfect for our high-end products. This makes you well equipped for a faster run and the most radical lines!

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Salomon Time to Play

La empresa Salomon, fundada en 1947 en Annecy, Haute-Savoie es una empresa francesa especializada en articulos de deportivos y de ocio. Se distribuye en mas de 160 paises.
En 1947, George Solomon en el corazon de los Alpes franceses y del lugar de nacimiento del alpinismo moderno, abre en el viejo Annecy un pequeno taller de sierras de madera y bordes de esqui. En algunos anos, a fuerza de ingenio, la compania se impone por primera vez como el lider mundial de fijacion, antes de convertirse en una marca lider de articulos de deportivos para dedicado al ocio y los deportes de invierno.
En 1997, Salomon fue comprada por Adidas y por el Grupo Amer Sports en el ano 2005.
En la actualidad la marca ofrece una amplia gama de articulos de deportes de invierno, outdoor, zapatos, ropas, gafas, etc... y se impone en todos los ordenes.