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Especially adapted for long trails, the XT WINGS 10+3 is a backpack with optimum support.

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referencia : 329205

Especially adapted for long trails, the XT WINGS 10+3 is a backpack with optimum support.

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SALOMON Salomon Time to Play
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Especially adapted for long trails, the XT WINGS 10+3 is a backpack with optimum support.
Worn near the body, it is specially designed to balance the weight and improve agility. Despite its small size, it incorporates many technical details that amplify its great functionality:

- ADJUSTABLE BRA IN MESH: The frontal system of this bra in mesh relieves your shoulders and evenly distributes the load on the whole of your torso. Thanks to its two side straps, the bra is easily adjustable. In addition, its breathable fabrics provide perfect ventilation.

- 2 SIDE POCKETS IN MESH: This external pocket is ultra breathable and releases the humidity away from your gear. A convenient way to store and keep your stuff with easy access.

- EXPANDABLE COMPARTMENT: Keep the volume at your disposal without changing bag. Increase or decrease the volume of your bag depending on what you carry.

- 2 WAISTCOAT POCKETS WITH ZIPPER: Convenient, safe and accessible storage located on the waistcoat part of the bag.



- CUSTOM SYSTEM : Personal your bag as you like. Simply connect the accessories to your bag. ZIPPPERED POCKET easily attaches to the belt. FRONT POCKET slips easily onto the belt to attach to the loops hidden in the shoulder straps. CLASSIC AND ISOTHERMAL BOTTLE-HOLDER attach easily to the straps or to the belt

- 4D POLE HOLDER : Instinctive, quick and easy access to your poles while running. Can be used also to fix your helmet. Easy 4 step use: 1- Take the top strap out and put the top of pole in. 2- Rotate the pole on your back. 3- Place the bottom pole in the bottom strap 4- Adjust the top strap to lock the pole in place.

- WATER COMPARTMENT WITH SUSPENSION SYSTEM: The internal compartment for water will allow you to quench your thirst in any situation. Compatible with all water pockets of 2 l (2 kg).

- AIRVENT AGILITY : The best back panel construction provides agility in running, giving stability, lightness and comfort. For still more for lightness and comfort, the system Airvent Agility combines the following elements: - Flexible and lightweight control panel that adapts to your back and provides a perfect fit. - Lightweight quilting in EVA at the level of the most sensitive areas for comfort and protection. Perforations promote ventilation and breathability. - Highly drying material for the evacuation of sweating. - Venting channel for a pleasant sensation of freshness in the back.

- SIFFLET : For added security, Salomon trail packs are equipped with a whistle that is easy to use even when still attached to the bag so as not to lose it.

- ELASTICATED POWER MESH: Extra stretch and breathable fabrics that adapt to body


- Manufacturer's dimensions : 45 x 19 x 10 cm
- Volume: 14 l
- Manufacturer's weight : 420 g

Waistcoat size (frontal area in mesh)
S/M: Width 32 cm - Height 24 cm
L/ XL: Width 34 cm - Height 26 cm

- Composition:

Peso (g) Peso unitario



Salomon Time to Play

La empresa Salomon, fundada en 1947 en Annecy, Haute-Savoie es una empresa francesa especializada en articulos de deportivos y de ocio. Se distribuye en mas de 160 paises.
En 1947, George Solomon en el corazon de los Alpes franceses y del lugar de nacimiento del alpinismo moderno, abre en el viejo Annecy un pequeno taller de sierras de madera y bordes de esqui. En algunos anos, a fuerza de ingenio, la compania se impone por primera vez como el lider mundial de fijacion, antes de convertirse en una marca lider de articulos de deportivos para dedicado al ocio y los deportes de invierno.
En 1997, Salomon fue comprada por Adidas y por el Grupo Amer Sports en el ano 2005.
En la actualidad la marca ofrece una amplia gama de articulos de deportes de invierno, outdoor, zapatos, ropas, gafas, etc... y se impone en todos los ordenes.