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Today, the Maestro model is the most technologically advanced ski on the market.

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Today, the Maestro model is the most technologically advanced ski on the market. It represents the big news for skiers looking for maximum performance uphill and downhill. Attivo shock absorber technology makes the difference.


14 Lightweight technology : Ski Trab lightweight technology distinguishes itself by having identify a productive process capable of using an extremely light core and of giving the maximum anti-torsional strength at the same time.

Aramid Core Honey Coms : is among the most important synthetic fibres. It is used in aerospace and military applications due to its incredible resistance features. The aramid-Honeycomb compound core represents the best strength/lightweight ratio available today on the market. Ski Trab has chosen the best material to obtain long-term high stability, performance and durability of the skis.

Attivo progressive Shape : it improves the steering providing a perfect floatability and easy turning ability. It's an innovative shape allowing a gradual entry into the fresh snow, maintaining however the contact on hard snow also with flat skis. The ski tip and tail show a particularity marked flex providing a perfect floating. The tip is longer and enhanced by a flex that provides a perfect control of the ski. The centre immediately responds to the skier's action and the tips gradually become softer thus being able to follow uneven terrain actively and facilitating without causing unbalance the skier's action.

Attivo Active Shock Absorber : Structural polymer components are integrated lengthwise on the top sides of the skis. They function is to absorb the vibrations providing an enhanced stability to the skis. They also play and important role in protecting the structure by preventing the skis to be ruined by blows or cuts which might easily damaged the edges and open the internal structure.

Hbox Carbon Torsion Control : Thin micro-mesh carbon cage (3k) which wraps around the ski providing a definitely higher torsional stiffness (up to 46%). This type of processing aims at giving benefits only to the antitorsional structure without compromising the bending values of the skis.

Duo Tech : With a flat ski the tail maintains its rigidity and the ski guarantees a perfect stability and support. On turning the tail flexibility is greater, improving the steering and making skiing easier. With a flat ski the hollow of the ski tail increases stability and steering precision.

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