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Following on from the Ambit 1, the AMBIT 2 is the latest model state of the art GPS watch. The result is a high performance technical watch combining training features and comprehensive outdoor functionality.

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Following on from the Ambit 1, the AMBIT 2 is the latest model state of the art GPS watch. The result is a high performance technical watch combining training features and comprehensive outdoor functionality.
Designed for explorers and athletes, this watch has all you need for outdoor sports and training; navigation, speed, heart rate, altitude, weather conditions and features for running, biking and swimming. This model is supplied with a heart rate belt.
There are many Suunto apps which can add further functionality to the watch. With its reinforced fibreglass casing, and 16/50 hours battery life, the Suunto Ambit2 is ready for any adventure.
Simple design, light (82 g) and discrete, the Silver model will please adventurers who seek functionality above all.

The box contains: 1 Suunto Ambit2 Silver + 1 ANT Suunto heart rate belt + 1 Suunto Ambit power cable + 1 quick guide.

DIMENSIONS : 50 x 50 x 18.1 mm
WEIGHT : 82 g

To understand the subtleties of these amazing products follow the links below to see demo tools (the links open in a new tab).

Demo Ambit 2


OUTDOOR Functions :
Full-featured GPS (SiRFIV v2.2)
Adjustable GPS recording interval (1 s, 60 s)
Location in multiple coordinate systems
Points of interest and route navigation
Return journey itinerary
Logging, viewing and sharing* of itineraries
Points of Interest (POI) creation
Route planning*

Barometric altitude
GPS corrected barometric altitude (FusedAlti™)
All ascents and descents
Ascent speed
Altitude graph

Barometric pressure and graph
Sunriset/sunset (Suunto App)
Storm alarm (Suunto App)
Tide information (Suunto App)
* on

Training and Sports-Specific functions:
GPS-based speed, pace and distance
Real-time, average and max. heart rate ♥
Calories used ♥
Heart rate limits ♥
Heart rate graph in real time ♥
Peak Training Effect & Recovery Time ♥
Manual & autolaps
Interval timer
GPS track analysis*
Heart rate zones* ♥
EPOC & V02 max values* ♥

Change of sport during logging and exercise
Preconfigured multisport modes
Sports comparison*
Post-analysis of multisport exercise by sport*
Interactive map and charts by sport/section of an exercise*
ANT+™ and Suunto ANT support for PODs

Responsive running pace/speed (FusedSpeed™)
Running cadence with Foot POD
Lap comparisons by each kilometre/mile*
Ghost Runner (Suunto App)
Marathon End-time Estimator (Suunto App)

Multiple Bike POD support (Suunto ANT/ANT+™)
Bike Power (W), average and maximum
Bike Power 3 s, 10 s, 30 s
Bike lap and lap maximum power
Power distribution & graphs*
Peak Power Curve for peak power outputs*
Bike power calculation requires use of optional ANT+™ bike power sensor.

Swimming time by pool length, lap, total
Swimming pace & distance
Swimming stroke rate, count & type
Automatic intervals
Dynamic lap table with strokes, pace and durations*

Over 1,000 free Suunto Apps for the outdoors and training
Up to 50 Apps pre-configurable in watch
Logging of all App values for post-analysis
Suunto Apps creation with:
> Chrono, GPS, HR, weather and altitude data ♥
> Running, cycling, swimming data
> Rich math functions, IF/THEN logic, sound, backlight, etc.

* on
♥ requires use of optional Suunto ANT/ANT+™ or Suunto Dual Heart Rate Belt

General functions:
- Time, date, alarm, dual time
- Multiple UI languages (EN, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, PT, SV)
- GPS synchronisation
- Positive / negative display switch
- Adjustable backlight
- Versatile button lock
- Low battery indicator
- Metric and imperial units
- Power save modes
- Adjustable recording of HR and baro/alti (1 s, 10 s)
- Data transfer and charging with USB cable
- Watch settings & customisation*
- Advanced post-analysis of exercise*
- Training logbook with story and images*
- New functionalities with software upgrades*
* on