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The snowshoe of the future is born.

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    • 2016


The snowshoe of the future is born.
Since always, walking is adapted to the structure and form of the snowshoe.. But imagine for a moment that it is the opposite. Imagine that the snowshoe adapts to your step and the land in which you evolve... Imagine that every step is unconstrained... Imagine an incomparable lightness, remarkable grip, totally natural forefoot articulation during your winter hiking... Just imagine full symbiosis with nature. STOP ! Do not imagine anymore... This product exists... Remember its name: TSL SYMBIOZ.


*Made in France

* Sizes from 37 to 50

* User Weight : 50 to 120 kg

* Weight: 890 g x 2

* Dimensions : 59 x 21 cm

* Crampons : 2X8, interchangeable steel
The first feature of the TSL SYMBIOZ is its hyper-flexibility (in both the frame and the binding), and its lightness, and the ergonomic binding. It adapts to rugged terrain to give a feeling of excellent footroll. The carbon inserts give the TSL SYMBIOZ greater elasticity and responsiveness when not in contact with the ground. Finally, its lightness adds a feeling of freedom and ease of walking.

No other snowshoe has ever offered the user such outstanding, secure grip. The bi-directional angled claws which are always positioned under the natural pressure points of the foot, for all sizes of feet, provide excellent traction (uphill), holding (downhill) and good sidehill grip (downhill slope). By taking on the shape of the terrain, the flexibility of the frame provides greater safety and grip. In addition, this hyper-flexibility prevents accidental slips in powder snow.

Quick to put on, comfortable and with pre-adjusted memory, the telescoping binding is wonderfully supple, allowing the foot to move naturally within the frame. The new Easy Ascent heel lift, built into the binding, isactivated by simply pushing it with the pole.

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