referencia : 181333

The ALRIGHT is a surprising board with freeride hybrid shape and shorter effective edge length than the normal one.

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referencia : 181333

The ALRIGHT is a surprising board with freeride hybrid shape and shorter effective edge length than the normal one.

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    • Polivalente
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  • Año
    • 2015
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The ALRIGHT is a surprising board with freeride hybrid shape and shorter effective edge length than the normal one.
Thanks to its lengthened tip, it has flotation worthy of the best freeride boards while being also playful and simple for the rotations of a park board. This revolutionary shape makes the ALRIGHT super simple to ride since it never sticks even in the most difficult snow conditions and its lightweight camber between the bindings provide it with very good grip even on frozen surfaces. Finally, the carbon fibre and the manufacture process made by VOLKL make this board super lightweight and then very reactive.
The ALRIGHT is ideal in many cases: Riding between trees, performing sharp turns, making peak speeds, but also having fun doing butters and switch tricks in powdery snow will become a breeze for you.


- Flex: 5/10

- Tip-to-tail Ultra-Light wood core : For our light wood core, we use ultra-light poplar with its low density to reduce weight by 20% without sacrificing stability. The combination of carbon (in the lower and triaxial weaves) and aramid inlays produce an exceptional board flex with unprecedented stability for this weight.

- Slim Tip: Unlike conventional sandwich construction, the Slim-Tip Construction incorporates a solid damping urethane inlay in the tip and tail sections instead of ABS. Benefits include a stylish, slimmer nose, reduced swing - for better board control, perfect for all riders, not just for high-speed rotations in the park!

- Classic shock absorber: It includes a single layer of hard wood, which is not milled in the core, but inserted in the bits of the core. Combined to a V-Flex insert, the Shock Absorber reinforces the board and increases its torsion properties.

- Playful freeride with flaked tip: These sidecuts were developed in order to create a freeride board as long as possible with very playful riding characteristics: The geometry with flaked tip allows moving the widest contact points of the board towards the centre, which increases the edges between the bindings. The straight sections of the tapered shape of the tip can reduce and soften the effects of changing snow and terrain and therefore prevent unwanted cornering errors. That allows increasing the speed and performing turns gliding on the stiffest slopes and in the narrowest corridors, while the tricks such as butters or switch in powdery become as easier as never before. In addition, this shape is accompanied by a setback of 25mm in waist 155, of 30mm for a 162 and of 35mm for the 167. The effective shorter edge length of these boards provide them with the vivacity and the simplicity of a board with 30cms less.

- Freestyle hybrid shape: Specially designed for freeride, the wider tip and tail points are shifted towards the middle, which shortens the effective edge length. The camber between the bindings provides certain edge grip, even on frozen crossings or at high speed. The tip and tail rocker add perfect flotation and simple triggering of turns, which makes the riding in switch and the tricks simpler. The shape that suits the people looking for a freeride board combining good support on the edges, manoeuvrability and perfect gliding in powdery snow.

- V-Flex glass fibre: The V-Flex fibre is a triaxial glass fibre with strong fibre density. The special V-form reinforces the area around the bindings, producing improved flex and torsion properties. It also provides optimal distribution of power towards the edges of the board. This provides better stability when strain and forces are strong.

- Völkl Premium carbon fibre / POP4.0: A complete layer of Völkl Premium carbon for minimum weight, more smoothness and maximum response.

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Volk empiezo a producir esquis en 1923, en Alemania, en la ciudad de Straubing. El rico patrimonio de la sociedad esta llena de tradicion y innovacion en terminos de tecnologia de esqui increible, como el "diseno rocker" Perfil Bajo Extendido (ELP) que ha aparecido recientemente. El primero en combinar delicadeza y manejo en la nieve profunda con la versatilidad del all-mountain, para dibujar en dias de tormenta lo mejor que puede. La marca de gama freeski se extiende del Big mountain al All Mountain, pasando por el park y el pipe para hombres como para mujeres.