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Thanks to X-Socks, it is possible to ski with the colors of its country! The limited series

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Thanks to X-Socks, it is possible to ski with the colours of its country!
The limited series "PATRIOT" of the SKI ENERGIZER is skiing sock that integrates the latest innovations to offer maximum comfort to its user.
First of all, it integrates an intelligent partial compression: better blood circulation, muscle support and faster recovery. In addition, it has the Smart Compression Zone to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle vibration during the practice. The legs are thus less cumbersome for more pleasure in skiing.
The most cautious ones can reassure since the foot remains warm and dry thanks to a permanent ventilation and an effective insulation against cold.

Warm, powerful and comfortable, it consists of the following details:
- Self-adjustable board on the top; an optimum support without compressing the leg
- AirConditioning Channel; airs and maintains dryness
- Protected calf; supports and relieves the muscles
- X-Cross Bandage; supports the ankle
- Protects toes and heel; against rubbing and blisters
- Protects Achilles' tendon, tibia protection, protects instep of the foot and protects ankles; reduction of strokes, reductions of painful crashes
- AirFlow Channel; transverse ventilation under the sole
- ISO Blocker: prevents thermal ponds and thereby reduces the risk of pressure points, while ensuring the circulation of dry air between the foot and the liner.
- Anatomical left foot/right foot adaptation for optimum comfort.
X-Socks technology reduces irritation, cramps, abrasions, bruises and blisters.


Technical Composition:
- 31% Nylon
29% robur: Through internal air chambers, this multi-functional hollow fibre is breathable, elastic, absorbs shock and reduces friction. The complex development with 3 threads makes it very robust and durable.
- 25% NODOR ski: keeps you fresh and clean. Bacteriostatic substance (silver ions) is integrated with ultra-soft breathable fibre; it does not affect the skin and does not cause allergic reaction. It reduces the bacterial proliferation and bad odours.
- 10% Mythlan: innovative fibre extremely lightweight made out of several ultra light microfibers . Prevents the development of odours and bacteria. Anti-allergic, breathable and easy to maintain.
5% Elastane

Fabric :
- 60% Nylon
25% polyester
- 10% Polypropylene
- 5% Elastane