X-SOCKS 2013

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Warm and soft. This is how you imagine your new ski socks.

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X-SOCKS 2013

Warm and soft. This is how you imagine your new ski socks.

With the X-Socks SKIING LIGHT you make the right choice.

The protection zones reduce the force of impacts and work to complement the ventilation system. The foot is not only protected but also ventilated without cool.

The AirConditioning Channel is the central component of the system to control heat and moisture. With each movement of the foot, hot moist air is transferred to the outside of the sock, and then out of the liner. This fresh air circulation allows the foot to stay comfortably dry and at a constant natural temperature.

Indeed, only dry feet are able to withstand cold, and skin can better cope with pressure and friction.

A mid-low technique that reduces skin irritation, cramps, overheating, bruises and blisters. And obviously it will keep your feet warm.


- Self-adjustable muff on the top; an optimum support without compressing the leg

- AirConditioning Channel; airs and maintains dryness

- Protected calf; supports and relieves the muscles

- X-Cross Bandage; supports the ankle

- Protects toes and heel; against rubbing and blisters

- Underfoot anatomy; left foot/right foot

- Protects Achilles' tendon, tibia protection, protects instep of the foot and protects ankles; reduction of strokes, reductions of painful crashes

- AirFlow Channel; transverse ventilation under the sole

- Robur; hollow fibre permeable to air and elastic, shock and vibration absorbing, reduces abrasion and is very resistant to wear

- Mythlan: extremely light fibre composed of multiple ultra thin fibres that prevent the development of bacteria and odours, is anti-allergenic, airy and of easy maintenance

- Merino wool; natural and thermo-insulating, even in very adjusted ski boots.

- Composition:

Acrylic 24%

Wool 22%

Nylon 34%
Polypropylene 10%

Silk 7%

Elastane 3%